Lovely to meet you, I’m The Late Night Owl, and Welcome to my blog.

Lovely to meet you, I’m The Late Night Owl, and Welcome to my blog.

A little illustration of me on my yoga mat, a visual representation of what I love doing, trying to be more flexible, probably after a pole dance class, spinning around upside down.


Hello! It’s lovely to meet you, I’m The Late Night Owl, and Welcome to my blog.

Let me introduce myself, I thought I’d start a blog as writing blog posts is something i’ve done for years on and off but never properly got into it, so with a fresh new start, this time will be different, with actually regular posts, better writing (potentially) and posts about things I’m actually excited about. I might as well leave my last attempt here as It would be interesting to see the comparison as this blog goes on: , although emphasis on the word ‘attempt’… 

This time however, I want to write about things I actually think could be useful or insightful like life as a university student. My travel adventures and experiences, my love of pole fitness/ dance, and all of my general Late Night thoughts. In the interest of first introductions, heres some things you might like to know:

I’m 21 and 4″10 but heres hoping to reaching all the way to 5″ one day!

After being born in China, I was adopted at 11 months old and that’s when I grew up in Portsmouth.

I’m an art nerd and I would queue for a new exhibition at a gallery or museum over a concert any day.

At uni, I study textile design and business studies, specialising in knitwear for fashion and actually that doesn’t involve me sitting around a fire with knitting needles, although that would be absolutely lovely if it did! It more so involved large metal complicated industrial machines, sadly not quite as cosy.

Living in Brighton has probably made it all the way to my favourite place to be, it’s the best little seaside city, known for its brilliant quirkiness and home to a wonderful Queer community, I definitely think I’ll stay for a good while.

That’s a little about me,

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Zoe x